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  1. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) International Roadcheck will take place June 4-6. Over that 72-hour period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers. This year's focus is steering and suspension systems. While checking vehicle compliance is always part of the North American Standard Inspection Program, CVSA is highlighting steering components and suspension systems this year as a reminder of their importance to highway safety.

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Although Railsback HazMat Safety Professionals (HMSP) is a company of me, myself and I, making Professionals plural is stressing that everyone involved in the transportation of hazardous materials is needed to ensure safety and compliance. Railsback HazMat Safety Professionals is owned and operated by Rex Railsback.  Rex has over 21 years of experience within the Hazardous Materials and Transportation community, dealing with compliance and training, as part of a 28 ½ year career as a Kansas State Trooper.  This experience is not limited to the State of Kansas, but throughout the United States training enforcement, regulatory and industry personnel. 


Our history

Rex Railsback has over 21 years of experience within the Hazardous Materials and Transportation community, dealing with compliance and training, as part of a 28 ½ year career as a Kansas State Trooper.  During this career, Rex was a Master Instructor for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, National Training Center (NTC) in General Hazardous Materials, Cargo Tank Inspection, Other Bulk Package and North American Standard Inspection Part A and Part B.  Rex was also recognized as a subject matter expert for the courses.  Rex has delivered countless hours of instruction to enforcement and industry members over his career.  His ability to understand, interpret and train others on the convoluted federal regulations is second to none.  The knowledge and experience held by Railsback HazMat Safety Professionals could only have been obtained through decades of hands-on, real world application of hazardous materials enforcement. Rex conducted compliance reviews of motor carriers, hazardous materials shippers and cargo tank facilities to ensure compliance with federal regulations.  Rex is a past International Chair of the Cooperative Hazardous Materials Enforcement Development Program (COHMED) of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).  Rex was a voting member on the CVSA hazardous materials, training and vehicle committees at annual conferences for several years. Upon retirement in December of 2017, Rex held the rank of lieutenant within the Motor Carrier Safety Assistant Program, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement with the Kansas Highway Patrol and was the State Hazardous Materials Specialist for Transportation.  


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Promote the safe transportation of hazardous materials through assistance with regulatory compliance and training. 

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49 C.F.R. Subchapter C Hazardous Materials Regulations Guidance;

  • Shipping Papers
  • Markings
  • Labeling
  • Placarding
  • Emergency Response Information
  • Training Safety and Security Plans

49 C.F.R. Subpart H to Part 172 Hazardous Materials Training;

  • General Awareness/Familiarization Training
  • Function Specific Training
  • Safety Training
  • Security Awareness Training

Assistance with HM Shipper Reviews

Assistance with Cargo Tank Facility Reviews.

HM Roadside Inspection Review

HM DataQ Assistance



Certificates of Completion:

Dept. of Homeland Security

WMD Rad/Nuc Awareness

(AWR-140), Oct. 2015

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Master Instructor Development;

  • General Hazardous Materials Inspection, Apr. 2012
  • Cargo Tank Inspection, Apr. 2012
  • Other Bulk Package Inspection, Apr. 2012
  • North American Standard Inspection Part A, Apr. 2012
  • North American Standard Inspection Part B,  Apr. 2012

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Cargo Tank Facility Review Instructor, Oct. 2011

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Basic Compliance Review, Apr. 2009

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Advanced North American Standard Level I Instructor Development Lead Instructor/Coach, Dec. 2007

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

North American Level VI Train the Trainer, Jan. 2006

New Mexico Tech.

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, Feb. 2005



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Recent PHMSA Interpretations


  • Ref. No. 18-0121 - This interp has clarifications ref. the new 10 yr Pressure (Hydro) test for Propane Bobtails.
  • Ref. No. 18-0110 - This interp has some Q/A ref. HM Regs Applicability.
  • Ref. No. 18-0060 - This interp states that "undocumented CT repairs" are not valid and must be undone.
  • Ref. No. 18-0057 - This interp helps clarify shipping paper accessibility requirements.
  • Ref. No. 18-0021 - This interp helps clarify Function Specific training requirements.
  • Ref. No. 16-0085R - 173.5 (Agricultural operations) applicability Q & A.
  • Ref. No. 17-0077 - Listing Class "3" in the HM Description, is not OK for Combustible Liquids.
  • Ref. No. 17-0082 - Reiterates that the ER Phone # is required.
  • Ref. No. 17-0086 - Older ERGs are OK as long as ERI info is still valid.

Recent PHMSA Final Rules


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